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Since I quit browsing imageboards around 6 months ago, I have noticed subtle changes to my worldview.

On the one hand, I am less anxious about events and ideas that are abstracted from my daily life. I don't care about politics anymore, I don't know the newest memes or e-celeb drama. In a way, it's liberating not to care about these things: media overstimulation can be draining on personal life and exhausting mentally.

On the other hand, I feel isolated in a way I have not felt for years. Even relationships with people I know irl seem less direct than forum communication. People just don't argue and discuss things irl in the same way they do online: there is a theater involved, with all the social faux pas, not stepping on people's toes, etc… it seems so plastic.

I've tried hobbies and am able to invest more time in them than previously, without my media addiction.

But they end up boring me. Even after working hard on something and feeling the results, touching them with my hands, it just doesn't feel as rewarding as communicating with another human being.



I have felt a similar emptiness and malaise. I feel a need to censor myself in day to day conversation whereas there is/was a liberty in anonymous online expression. So now I have pursued some hobbies and given up on keeping up with news and politics but feel purposeless like I’m drifting through life.


This is still an imageboard, but I know what you mean.


Depends on what you use imageboards for. If you do use them to track le habbeningz and all the fresh new memes and crap, then sure you are going to feel free without that meaningless burden. Personally, I think not caring about politics and memes is quite nice for your imageboard life, because that way you are more focused on imageboards themselves and their cool denizens, and less on the flashy products they spew out. Just living in the moment and leading comfy discussions and learning something new is the quality way to browse, instead of shitposting and burdening yourself with some bureocratic drivel.


Good way to view it. The difference between 4cuck and the rest of the imageboard universe is that quality is better on other imageboards precisely because of the slowness. People commit more to their posts and it shows, and threads survive based on substance rather than bumping popularity contests. I cant even browse 4chan anymore because its so superficial.


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I wrote a wall of text but accidentally pressed Ctrl+W instead of Shift+W while typing an uppercase w which closed the page. Fuck me in my clumsy ass. Anyways, here's a short version.

Absolutely. Even the bigger (at least relatively speaking) imageboards like 420chan and lainchan are great places because they are not a race for invisible internet points or a frustration venting place like 4crap is. Since the cancer that was 2016 I was extremely dissatisfied with the place and I slowly started getting into various altchans, and I completely stopped browsing it even occasionaly, the only interesting places (/jp/, /bant/ and desktop and battlestation threads on /g/) just started to feel either too drained out or the community was pretty much just /pol/yps flinging shit at various other not-/pol/ redditors.

I just want 4chan to die already, since 2016 it has brought an incomparable amount of bullshit compared to the nice things…


>the only interesting places (/jp/, /bant/ and desktop and battlestation threads on /g/) just started to feel either too drained out or the community was pretty much just /pol/yps flinging shit at various other not-/pol/ redditors
This so much. I remember the first time I saw a blatantly political thread perhaps a little before 2016 and it disgusted me. Then you couldn't even browse without seeing blatantly political comments to the point of cringeworthiness.


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I like (or rather, find it interesting) to see how much 4crap has degraded since 2016. It's true that 2007 and the popularization of /b/ during the years that followed has given a blast to the quality of posts on the website, but it was mostly localized on /b/ and wasn't nearly as horrid as the kekistani redditor invasion of 2015 and 2016, because it affected the whole site (or maybe the post-2007 cancer was even worse because I see a lot of anti-4chan imageboards have popped up around that time, but maybe I fail to see that issue because I came to the site during that era, not alongside of the cancerous /b/tards of the time though). I have a friend who still visits the place for whatever fucking reason (he hates it too but he kind of can't wrap his mind around altchans) and he kind of updates me on how horrible it is and man, do I have a nice, painful chuckle every time.

>the body is too long

Guess it's gonna be a doublepost.


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*jackposters are everywhere and have less coherency than a puddle of diarrhea, frogposters still fucking exist which is horrible on it's own, there are still the kekistani alt-right tards outside of their containment board (or rather their breeding grounds since moot thought it was a good idea to destroy the peaceful containment chamber of their predecessors that was /n/ or whatever the news board was called) shitting the place up with their 2016 memes, blatant redditors, a fuck load of contrarians and fun police who attack others just because they don't like something about their post, blatant redditors who make greentexts and funny compilation images to farm karma on reddit (PIC RELATED), uwuposting discord fucktards who took over niceposters, even more blatant redditors who don't even deny it etc. The worst thing is that it was horrible in 2016, it is even more horrible today, and I have no idea how bad it's gonna become. I mean, less then a month and a half is left until the 2020s come, who knows whether it's going to bring even more bullshit, genuine suffering, or salvation. Also, friendly reminder that 2009 is almost as far away as 2029, hidoi desu! That said, this could have it's own fucking thread because I feel like I'm derailing OP, and I feel I could complain about motivation which is more in lieu with OP than spitting over 4chan over distance.


Let it all out. 4chins is horrible and there's barely anything left to compete with it.

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