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I think there's some dedicated trolls following me around on bunkerchan.xyz.


They keep following me around making these derogatory posts directed at me even when it's not a direct reply to me (a (you)) it's taking a effect on my mental health.
They also make passive agressive remarks that merely allude to someone but without context it will be missed be most of the lurkers.
I'm not sure if this is a new form of cyberbullying where it seems that they have my posting ID or something but I need some help to try and to avoid them.


Do you tripfag? How do you know they are targeting you? I understand it's a small community but it should be easy to shirk it off. Leftyshit can be pretty insular and toxic to begin with so one piece of advice is to just stay away.


I don't normally tripfag but I began doing that to attempt to avoid them, hoping that if they hate me so much they can just filter me and be done with it but it seems they have the Mental derangement to keep poking and waiting for a reaction.
I think it may be someone with a mod power because it has been like that even without identifying myself (thou it might just be my writing style).
I'm currently taking a break from that place and trying to find stuff to do offline like reading but I have a nagging thought in my head and the urge to stop lurking and start posting despite the repucussions is getting to me.
It wasn't like this before the exodus from /lefypol/ and I hate how it is transforming. The boards political transformations I can probably handle, anybody can really put thier stance down and put up a reasonable agument with proper reason but I hate how the board changes culturally. It's becoming less worth it to really post anything of substance and more encouraging to just respond with a tu quoque and be done with the conversation since the influx of bad faith actors.
It has been long enough that I personally don't know the original consensus on various topics before the move. I thought it was genually anti-idpol but it took a effort to put the white idenitarians over to /leftpol/ to post their nazbol stuff but now it seems that (the current) have deluded the meaning of nazbol (and shove it into more catagories other than non-white exlusionary Socialists) and turned into the worst of the left populations of twitter, tumbler, discord, facebook, reddit, something awful, slack (of left and leftoid orgs) and whatever else that all those posters have been shilling for the past months.


I don't know, maybe it havn't dawned on me that it was always like this until I started branching out to real life organizing which forces you to take on social media like slack to really start seeing this. This shouldn't be very important personally but I have been on there for so long I can't help but to create a identity around that once bareable internet community even if it wasn't in name or flag but in what is used to be culturally and in mannerisms.
People would say that it was always like this but yes and no, it had changed and at least for me personally it changed significantly and for the worst in the span of the months we were on bunkerchan. I don't know if that was as a result in the change of mods, influx of users from other decrepit corners of the internet or just me realizing it was shit to start with, but no because I'm sure the conserted effort to troll and follow anons across the whole site has been a new development that I've been experiencing since the move.
I really don't like this but internet addiction is a hellava drug and I need to vent somewhere to get my head off of this.


Have you though about creating a new bunker? Maybe on julay.world or endchan?


>began tripfagging
>to avoid targeted harassment
dude, you're retarded is what's your problem

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