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A website based in part on 420chan's personal issues board and its 8ch successor. Any discussion of problems pertaining to motivation, social life, relationships, family issues, education/work experiences and personal problems is welcome here.
Shitposting will result in a temporary or permanent ban, and posting content that is illegal in the United States will result in a permanent ban.

Illegal content includes but it not limited to explicitly illegal pictures, inciting others to commit illegal activities, and requesting others to aid you in the pursuit of illegal activities.

Shitposting litmus tests:
>Does my thread OP discuss personal issues by any stretch of the imagination?
If the answer is no, it's probably shitposting.
>Is my reply related to the OP, other replies in the thread or board discussion in general?
If not, your post is likely a shitpost.
Use your better judgement please.

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