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I can't stop fapping


Are you trying to go nofap? It's all about a balance between the two extremes.


Not trying to go nofap or anything, I'm just extremely horny all the fucking time


Do you have a full time job or something else that occupies your time for hours on end? You can't fap if you don't have a place to do it or time to do it either. I think exercise would also expend some pent up energy too.


How old are you?
I fapped pretty much constantly as a teen, when the hormone overload faded I dropped down to more sane levels of masturbation.


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It's not that I don't have anything to occupy me or something like that. I go to school 5 days a week usually for 6-8 hours at a time. The real problem lies within my lack of self control.
My problems started around this time last year when I was hit by a car, the itself wasn't of huge impact but mostly what came after. It eventually spiraled into lots of fights with my family, an eating disorder, leaving school for a year, depression and me getting put into a ward, months later. Any amount of outside help from social workers or shrinks did nothing for me. I met my wife somewhere along the road and since then I've been doing a lot better but it feels like I'm walking on thin ice with how fragile my mental health seems to be.
I'm doing better now but my bulimia still haunts me and whatever I seem to try or do I can't get fucking rid of it. My weight is basically a roller coaster, it goes up and down constantly, for example I'm 1,80cm; (5'11) couple months ago I was 85kg (187lbs) and then I went down to 71 (156), now going back up 76 (167).
When I got hit by the car I was 64 (141). This plays on my confidence greatly, I never feel like I'm enough. Also, I'm terribly ashamed of it, this being the first time that I'm acknowledging it in months. I'm just kinda tired of it all and really don't know what to do anymore at this point.
20, was way worse when I was a little younger like 5-6 times a day worse


I don't think it gets better as you get older.
5-6 times a day more than what?


Don't worry about it. I've been fapping more than once every day since the day I turned 12. Just look at how well I turned out! incel hikkomori stuck in his mothers basement at age 21, shunned by everyone in society.
You'll do just fine


21? That's nothing. You could decide today to leave and still be ahead of most people as far as employment and independence go.


Yeah, that's why it's so great.


Most people are born in shit and will die in shit.


I'm not sure about being born in shit but I can tell you that most people live unfulfilling lives. They work for 50 years in jobs they hate and then resign themselves to their house waiting for death.


Even when I say to myself I won't touch it, my hand goes reaching towards it, and once I've started I can't stop. I feel like a slave in a way.

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